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Monday, January 6, 2014

Arboretum Review : Purdue University Arboretum

The Purdue Arboretum 
Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN 47907

Date Visited : 7 June 2013

Purdue University

During the summer of 2013 I spent a day at Purdue University to coordinate the design of a new science plaza.  Between meetings I took the opportunity to walk the "Green Trail" of the Purdue Campus Arboretum.

Purdue Horticultural Garden
In addition to trees, I was pleased to find the Purdue Horticultural Garden.  The garden boasts an assortment of identified perennials, grasses, and other plants.  The space is utilized by students studying one of Purdue's many horticulture related degree programs.

Cedar of Lebanon

Of particular interest along this tree walk was a fantastic Cedar of Lebanon.  The conifer is reminiscent of a large shaggy beast, hunched protectively over the collection of precious dragon eggs hanging within its sheltered boughs.  My only disappointment was the tree's less than romantic setting, situated between a street and a parking lot.

Purdue University

During my walk I was only able to explore a small fraction of expansive campus.  Across Purdue's grounds I witnessed a huge variety of flora; some of it young, much of it mature.  I hope to return again next year to explore more of the extensive tree walking tour.