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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nature Tools : Pocket Sundial

My interest in the natural world often goes beyond trees and forest systems. Trees will always remain the centerpiece of Early Forest, but occasionaly I would like to touch on other subjects.

I enjoy designing tools to interpret the natural world around us and I am happy to share them with you. The Early Forest Pocket Sundial is the first in a series of Nature Tools for free download.

Download it, print it, cut it, fold it, use it, share it. I only ask that you do not edit it or attempt to sell it.

For now there are two versions to choose from 35°N and 40°N. Refer to a map to see which is closer to your latitude. For those in the United States: Select 40°N if you live in the North, and 35°N if you live in the South. (If you live well beyond this area and would like to see a sundial that is calibrated to your location please email me at

(Click Image to Enlarge)


Printing your Sundial: Each file is setup to print two sundials on a standard letter size piece of paper(8.5"x11"). (I suggest using recycled cardstock, but any paper will work) Note: Use a knife and straight edge to score fold lines before folding to help to keep lines straight and crisp. Each sundial, when folded, will be the size of a credit card so you can easily carry it in your wallet or purse.

Did you know...? If you don't know which way North is, but you know the time of day, you can rotate your sundial around until the time reads correctly to show you which way North is.