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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Zadie E. Kuehl Arboretum Review

Zadie E. Kuehl Memorial Park
Location: 3065 Yukon Dr. Lakeland, TN 38002
Hours: 5AM-9PM
Contact Park: City Hall 867-2717,

Date & Time Visited: Dec. 17, 2008 10:00 AM
Weather: Overcast & Chilly

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I stopped to visit the park on a cool December morning while traveling from Nashville to Memphis. The park is just a short drive from the Highway. On I40 take exit 20 (Canada Road) south, take a right onto Saskatoon Drive, then a left on Yukon Drive. The park is at the end of the residential street and you will need to pass through the neighborhood to get to it. There is a small parking lot where a handful of cars can park.

Due to the time of day and weather conditions I had the park all to myself. From the parking lot you can see most of the park. To the west of the parking lot there is a large playground.

Zadie E. Kuehl Playground

A paved trail loops out from the parking lot and around the perimeter of the park. At the far end a picnic pavilion with a grill and tables sit on top of a low hill. At the bottom of the hill, a small bridge crosses over a dry and grassy drainage way.

Zadie E. Kuehl ParkZadie E. Kuehl Pavilion I set out along the loop to check out the park. Most of the trees are quite young, but a few along the perimeter were mature. Near the pavilion a sign explains the tragic story of the park's memorial.Zadie E. Kuehl Memorial Plaque I did not see any posted information or available maps on the arboretum, but each tree has a small sign displaying the common and scientific names staked in front of it. I have some concern with the sign just being staked in the lawn. Many of them already show damage and they could be easily relocated to incorrect locations.

Zadie E. Kuehl Arboretum SignThe trail does not take long to walk and overall the park looks well taken care of and the neighborhood seems safe.

Observed Trees
Carya illinoensis - Sweet Pecan
Cladrastis kentukea - American Yellowwood
Fraxinus pennsylvanica - Green Ash
Gleditsia triacanthos - Honey Locust
Lagerstroemia indica - Crapemyrtle
Liquidambar styraciflua - Sweetgum
Magnolia grandiflora - Southern Magnolia
Pinus - Loblolly Pine
Platanus occidentalis - Sycamore
Quercus acutissima - Sawtooth Oak
Quercus falcata - Southern Red Oak
Quercus stellata - Post Oak
Taxodium distichum - Bald Cypress
Ulmus alata - Winged Elm
Viburnum rhytidophyllum - Leatherleaf Viburnum
Zelkova serrata - Japanese Zelkova