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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wyoming Arboreta and Gardens

Statistically speaking Wyoming visitors are rare things at I don't know if it is the relative lack of tree diversity in Wyoming, or if it is comparably low population of the state. I am not one to slip into depression or panic over such things, but rather take action to remedy the situation. So now I present to you (sound the trumpets)....Arboreta and Gardens of Wyoming!
Okay, so I seem to have run into some problems here... arboreta and botanical gardens in Wyoming are scarce at best (see Tennessee or Texas for comparison). I was able to locate the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. (See EarlyForest Arboretum Map for location), but all other locations elude me at this time. I would point out the National Park of Yellowstone, but I try to avoid listing parks to focus on places where trees are identified for visitors (although I would like to assume that somewhere in Yellowstone a nature center has some information on trees in the park.) If you have any information about trees in Wyoming and places people may go to learn about them please share.