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Friday, March 13, 2009

How-not-to prune Understory Trees

In response to Wednesday's post at Dallas Trees, which defines the difference between large tree, canopy tree and small tree, I decided to share a few photos. Arborist Philip Erwin explains that some property owners have been known to disfigure non-canopy trees in an attempt to establish a canopy effect.
These photos are a perfect case study for such an attempt. The trees in topic are in fact Goldenrain Trees (click link for photos of what Goldenrain Trees should look like) that have been mutilated into what can only be described as Dr. Seuss Trees. While the trees may continue to live the aesthetic damage to them will be permanent. It is unfortunate that such damage is being done on a regular basis by uneducated people claiming to be professionals. (I will save the horrors of "tree topping" for another post.)