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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Arboretum Review : Scarritt Bennett Center

Scarritt Bennett Center
1008 19th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37212

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Date Visited: 9 May 2009

I found The Scarritt-Bennett Center one Saturday morning while in Nashville, Tennessee. The campus was originally built in 1924 as a College for Christian workers and today it functions as a retreat and educational conference center.

Before exploring the grounds I stopped into the Main office to make sure it was okay to walk around and take photos. They let me know that I was welcome to go wherever I wanted on campus and they gave me a brochure with some history and information about the buildings. I always like to check in when I go places to avoid looking suspicious.

Scarritt Bennett CenterThe architectural scale and detail take you to another time and place. There is a distinct collegiate character that one would expect to find in America's oldest and finest universities with a hint of mystery that leaves one guessing at the history of the place.

Scarritt Bennett Center

At times I felt as if I were exploring an old building in Europe. These vaulted ceilings made for an interesting space.

Scarritt Bennett Center
The buildings cluster together to form partial courtyards and a series of outdoor rooms.

Scarritt Bennett Center
An old hackberry and elm stand next to each other. If you look closely you can spot the tree ID tag on the hackberry. Over a dozen different species of trees across the small campus have identification tags.

Scarritt Bennett Center
Observed Trees:
Acer palmatum - Japanese Maple
Celtis occidentalis - Hackberry
Cornus florida - Flowering Dogwood
Fraxinus pennsylvanica - Green Ash
Hydrangea quercifolia - OakLeaf Hydrangea
Koelreuteria paniculata - Goldenrain Tree
Lagerstroemia indica - Crapemyrtle
Magnolia acuminata - Cucumbertree
Magnolia grandiflora - Southern Magnolia
Magnolia soulangeana - Saucer Magnolia
Malus coronaria - Sweet Crab Apple
Paulowina tomentosia - Empress Tree
Quercus prinus - Chestnut Oak
Tsuga canadensis - Canadian Hemlock
Ulmus americana - American Elm