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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Early Forest Team : Craig

A little bit about EarlyForest.Com creator, Craig...

I have had an interest in nature since childhood. I was lucky to have parents that encouraged curiosity and took family vacations to many of the State and National Parks all over the US. In college I had the opportunity to travel through parts of Europe and Australia photographing and learning about culture and nature as I went. In 2005 I graduated with degree in Landscape Architecture and moved to Denver, Colorado where I worked for two years. I now live just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with my wife and baby son, where I work as a landscape designer.

I am passionate about sustainable living, and not just the "green" fad that is going on, but really paying attention to the way you live and making choices that are healthy for yourself and the rest of the world. Born and raised in Northern Indiana, I have a particular weakness for fresh produce and sunsets over red barns and fields of green crops.

I started EarlyForest.Com as a creative outlet for myself in the spring of 2008. Since then it has grown into an extensive collection of photos and articles on trees from around the world. With hundreds of photos yet to be posted, frequent trips to explore new trees and places, and new ideas and team members EarlyForest.Com is just getting started.