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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Terminalia catappa - Tropical Almond

This post is part of the "Trees of the Tropics" series and has been crossposted from Trees, plants and more.

The tropical almond is quite different from the almond tree whose nuts we all love. The tropical almond is a deciduous tree grown for the shade it provides and for its beauty. The leaves turn a beautiful reddish brown color before falling. Here is a tree that I photographed in the south Indian town of Kanchipuram.

The tree has a host of local names - the Indian Almond, Bengal Almond, Singapore Almond, Sea Almond, among others.

The leaves in this picture are sunwashed -- they were actually quite dark green in color.

I have never seen the flowers of this tree, but am told they are quite pretty. Someday....