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Monday, August 30, 2010

Nature Conservancy 5th Annual Digital Photo Competition

I recieved an email from the Nature Conservancy recently and wanted to share it with you...

Dear Craig,

Thanks for all the great photos and info about trees. I never knew what a tamarind tree looked like - in fact there are so many trees that I can't identify. Which sort of brings me to a favor I'd like to ask of you.

The Nature Conservancy is holding its 5th Annual Digital Photo Competition and we'd like to invite all nature-loving shutterbugs to enter their favorite shots! Can you please help us by giving us a mention in your blog so your readers know it's time to enter?

We can talk endlessly about the importance of conservation but mere words cannot compete with the visual impact of a great photo. Take a look at last year's Grand Prize-winning photograph by Carol Grant - Beautiful photographs of nature encourage people to go out and see for themselves what is truly important to conserve.

This year, 35 photos will be selected as honorable mentions and finalists. The winner will be selected by public vote and featured on the cover of The Nature Conservancy's 2012 calendar, which reaches over 2 million households, and on our website - .

It's easy to submit photos! Contestants can enter using the Conservancy's free
Flickr(TM) photo sharing group at -

All photos submitted to Flickr(TM) should include the tag - "PhotoContest-TNC10". Deadline for submissions is October 4, 2010 11:59 PST.

For more information visit - Please feel free to email me with your questions.

Thank you,

Midori Matsuyama
Online Outreach
The Nature Conservancy

Best of Luck Everyone!