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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Updates

EarlyForest.Com has been idle for far too long. I am gathering materials to begin posting again shortly (not that I ever ran out of material to post).

In the meantime some other exciting stuff is going on here...

Blogger.Com (our blog/website host) has recently launched a new template builder that I have started playing around with this weekend. You can see the changes to the background & stuff right now. I also managed the goof a few things up in the process (I liked the tags list best in the old drop down menu format, so hopefully I can repair that soon). I also plan on putting together a new header image soon.

I am also excited to welcome a new team member to the blog. Rebecca is a naturalist from North Carolina & author of tree blog A Year with the Trees. Rebecca, like Arati, will be posting directly to EarlyForest.Com. We look forward to having her take part in the website!